Care and Accountability


If you often hear the phrase “we must hold people more accountable” in your organization, this is a sign that the right environment doesn’t exist in which your people are inspired to take ownership and be accountable to themselves, their team, and the organization’s goals. Further, in business care can often be perceived to be in opposition with accountability and even when they are perceived to be in balance, it can be challenging to do either. Explore our new construct where care is demonstrated through leaders who are accountable to creating the right environment for your people.

In this interactive workshop or keynote, participants are challenged to discuss what it means to be accountable to ourselves (do what we say), accountable to each other (do what we agree to), accountable to the business (do what needs to be done), accountable to our people (do the work of leadership), and accountable to the customer (do what they expect). Look beyond engagement to create an environment where employees are inspired and want to do better, fix problems, and improve their services to team members and customers.

Participants will:

  • Understand the steps leaders must take to create accountability
  • Learn and apply the six key drivers of intrinsic motivation throughout each team’s organizational levels and identify gaps
  • Use our formula for feedback to increase receptivity and lead to change
  • Discuss the relationship between accountability and trust
  • Receive actionable steps on how to improve their organization

Intended Audience: All employees

Duration: 90 minute keynote, half- or full day workshop

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