Cultural Values Assessment


The Barrett Values Centre’s Cultural Transformation Tools help you discover and explore what truly matters – the unique values, beliefs and behaviors that help or hinder your ability to maintain a thriving organization. Barrett Values Centre is an industry leader with over twenty years’ experience promoting values-based leadership and cultural transformation in organizations around the world.

These tools provide leaders and organizations with quantifiable data to help raise awareness of what is motivating their actions. Assessment results inspire profound, meaningful conversations about the organization’s purpose, strategy, and the well-being of all stakeholders.

For organizations, a culture assessment will highlight what is most important to your people, how they experience the culture now, and how they would like to improve it for tomorrow.

For leaders, 360-degree leadership assessments generate self-awareness through actionable feedback to understand how to live your corporate culture and values more fully and let go of any fear-based beliefs that may be getting in the way.