People Development Design Workshop


Chapman & Co. facilitators, leveraging Design Thinking, will lead your team on how the people in your organization are developed through their career and how they currently experience your culture. Beginning with the first interview in onboarding and along the path into senior leadership, we will create a visual map of your leadership development landscape. In doing so, you and your team can see firsthand the opportunities for development including: formal and informal educational opportunities, performance management, recognition and celebration programs, and feedback processes. This visual mapping also identifies areas of strength and possible areas for quick improvement. 

While people development efforts are important, they are just part of the larger set of inputs that help build your culture. In the second part of this design workshop we run our Care & Accountability environmental assessment. The last part of this workshop is helping you chart a path forward.  


In this experience, participants will:

  • Create a visual map of the organization’s people development initiatives 
  • Identify strengths, gaps, and opportunities for quick and easy improvement
  • Gain buy-in from team members in the common cause of people development 
  • Focus on areas to improve and the linkage to business performance 


Intended Audience: Please contact us for specifics

Duration: Available as half- or full day workshop


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