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Creating a strategic plan is an annual exercise most organizations complete. While the intentions are good, studies show that only 10% to 30% of company visions actually achieve their goals. Whether it’s overall complexity, failure to align budget and resources, or an inability to engage team members, a strategic plan that fails to guide daily decision-making is nothing more than a file on your shared drive. The Cheshire Cat’s wisdom to Alice holds true, “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will do.”

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Sports coaches don’t teach players to go after the ball. Instead, they teach them to go where the ball is going to be. An effective strategic plan isn’t about documenting where you are today. It’s a vivid description of where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Rather than trying to do too much at once or picking projects based on sponsor seniority, build a business vision that prioritizes effort, aligns the proper resources, and selects projects based on their importance to the organization.

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Most strategic plans include revenue, profitability, innovation, and customer service objectives. While your external goals are important, your strategic plan will ultimately be accomplished by your people. We help you build a plan that integrates both people and performance. Ensuring your culture keeps pace with the growth of your business requires just as much discipline as achieving your financial targets.

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We help you create a holistic view of long-term goals (three to five years), breakthrough strategies (one year) and must do, can’t fail initiatives (six months). This process aligns organizational resources by allowing you to focus where there is true urgency​, prioritize breakthroughs for the year, and deselect pet projects. Replicable by division, location, and team, our consistent format allows for an aligned, scalable approach.


Strategic Planning

Define Your Future with Your Leaders

Strategic planning is often an annual exercise that doesn’t translate into action. Instead, engage in a strategic planning process that informs your daily priorities and how work gets done. Our method brings your senior team together, ensures each voice is heard and each idea is evaluated for its potential contribution to the organization.

Company Vision

Begin with the End in Mind

Rather than solely focusing on incremental improvement, paint a picture of your organization as you see it in the future with your vision statement. Where do you want to be in five years? Why do you want to go there? What will prevent you from achieving your vision? Even if you know precisely where you are going, making the implicit, explicit with a clear company vision allows your people to make more informed decisions.

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Leadership and Culture Strategy

Develop Your People, Develop Your Business

For many businesses, a limiting factor for growth is the inability to recruit, on-board, train, and continually develop new talent. Retention doesn’t just reduce expenses; it preserves your investment in culture. Strategic planning and your leadership strategy are not separate efforts. Whether helping you define your company values or facilitating your strategic plan, our process aligns your leadership development strategies with your people for the growth of your business.

Change Management

Planning is Step One

As enthusiastic as your senior team may be about a new direction, it requires change management for those in your span of care. The ability to inspire people towards a common goal may affect its success or failure. Traditional organizational change management processes are about transmitting the message in a compelling way. It’s not that people dislike change. People dislike change they aren’t involved in. Our process begins with listening because listening provides an opportunity for input.

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Align your business strategy with your people strategy.

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