Leading From The Jumpseat

  • DATE: October 14, 2021
  • TIME: 1:00 PM CT / 8:00 PM GMT +2 | 1 Hour
  • COST: Free

Join us as Peter Docker shares his unique insights on Jumpseat Leadership.

About Peter

Peter is passionate about enabling people to unlock their natural talents and teaches leadership that is focused on commitment and human connection. He illustrates his insights by drawing on examples from his previous industry, flying, and military careers to explain powerful concepts that can be applied in any business.

Peter served for 25 years as a Royal Air Force senior officer, has been a Force Commander during combat flying operations and has seen service across the globe. A trained leadership consultant and executive coach, Peter’s commercial and industry experience has been at the most senior levels in sectors including oil & gas, construction, mining, pharmaceuticals, banking, television, film, media, print, hospitality, manufacturing and services – across 92 countries.

Peter worked with Simon Sinek for over 7 years where he took his extensive practical experience to co-author Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team, with Simon and David Mead. Peter has since stepped away from Simon’s team to focus on sharing his wider insights into how organizations thrive. His new book, Leading From The Jumpseat: How to Create Extraordinary Opportunities by Handing Over Control, will be published in October 2021.

About the Session

“In business and in life, handing over the reins to others is inevitable. Everyone will eventually leave their team, retire from being the CEO, or see their kids leave home and lead their own lives. Leading from the Jumpseat enables us to embrace this inevitability. It is a metaphor for how we can choose to lead. It’s about the journey we take so we can hand over control to others, who are then equipped to continue forward. Jumpseat Leadership is a way of interacting with people that will enhance performance in any given situation – during normal business, times of crisis, and life in general. Becoming a Jumpseat Leader takes practice and Peter Docker’s new book is a practical guide to handing over control.

In this session, Peter and Sara will discuss how leadership is about lifting people up and giving them the space they need so that, when the time is right, they can take the lead. Peter draws on his 25-year career in the Royal Air Force, and over 14 years spent partnering with businesses around the world, to inspire others to Lead from the Jumpseat.”


Session objectives:

  • Understand the power that comes from holding a stand rather than a position, and how to turn it into a commitment that can inspire.
  • How context is everything, and how we can transform our world by shifting our context.
  • How nurturing a sense of belonging is key for the leader of any team, and how we can unlock extraordinary performance by creating the environment in which people choose to take responsibility.
  • How the power of humble confidence can protect us from the greatest thing that holds leaders back.
  • How to embrace leading when we don’t know the answer, and turn ‘not knowing’ into a strength.
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