Recorded Webinar: Building Communities and Leaders with One-By-One Policing

Chief Jack Cauley has served in the law enforcement field since 1984 within various states, cities, and counties. Prior to being sworn in as the Castle Rock Police Chief in 2012, Cauley spent over 27 years in various leadership roles ranging from detective to lieutenant colonel and, ultimately, was assigned to the services bureau. His extensive experience in the field led to his development of the One-By-One Policing philosophy.

Similar to how business leaders and employees treat customers, the way police officers and staff members treat the communities they serve is a direct reflection of the internal culture at their department. Castle Rock Chief of Police, Jack Cauley, developed his One-By-One Policing philosophy in hopes of creating a safe and secure environment where everyone can thrive. By caring for and listening to the needs of his team – everyone from officers to dispatchers, PIOs and administrative staff – Chief Cauley has equipped them to better serve their communities and their teams. One-By-One Policing promotes compassion and understanding, allowing CRPD to serve each person it encounters based on individual needs.


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