Recorded Webinar - Customers Are Human Beings First: The Surprising Drivers Behind Customer Loyalty in 2022


Why do some customers do business with you over and over, while others disappear after just one interaction?

The truth is that the answer is getting more complicated. In a market where customer demands are high, but their attention is scarce and choice is abundant, earning sustainable loyalty is more of a challenge than ever before.

But there is an answer. It lies in gaining a deeper understanding of what customers really want from brands in 2022, and in how a potentially dramatic shift in how we think about Customer Experience could be the key to unlocking your brand’s “latent loyalty.”

Watch this recorded webinar where Barry Kirk, Chapman & Co. Customer Experience Practice Leader, and Andrew Barenz, Sr. Customer Experience Strategist, dig into:

  • 5 key insights from a brand new Chapman & Co. consumer market study on what is driving brand loyalty today
  • How your internal company culture might be helping (or hurting) your customer retention
  • And how the tenets of the TrulyHuman Leadership, popularized in the book “Everybody Matters” by Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman, can be put to work to transform your Customer Experience into a true “Loyalty Experience”
Download our Playbook to TrulyHuman Loyalty here or learn more about our customer experience practice here.


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