Recorded Webinar: Return to Office, Making it Work for Everyone

Welcoming your team members back to the office and navigating yet again new work processes can be both exciting and challenging. Regardless if they went remote, or have stayed in the office, some team members may feel prepared, or even enthusiastic, while others may be concerned about safety or a revert in independence gained. Many adjustments were made when we were forced to go remote, including increased flexibility and new ownership of responsibilities. Re-acclimating our teams is both a change management challenge as well as an opportunity to reinvest in culture and leadership. This recorded webinar guides leaders on how to make the “return to office” an inclusive experience that increases engagement, boosts productivity, and inspires loyalty over the long run.

In this session, participants will: 

  • Learn how to understand your organization’s mood, alignment, and vulnerabilities
  • Identify the skills required to effectively lead teams through change
  • Gain access to practical tools to help with empathetic communication

Facilitator and Resources

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