Emergenetics Self-Assessment


The Emergenetics self-assessment considers your behavior, genetic makeup, and life experiences to deliver insights for how you prefer to think, make decisions, process information, and prefer others to communicate with you. Leveraged by organizations during times of change, leadership transitions, or simply to build better relationships inside an existing team, Emergenetics exists to give team members a common language to connect better with others. 

Emergenetics serves individual growth as well as your team by providing a context and understanding of how each person brings needed diversity. Better understanding of oneself and a common vernacular is the first step towards increased communication, more empathy, and higher degrees of collaboration.


  • Break down silos, department factions, and team divisions
  • Give team members a common language and understanding of how people prefer to think and behave
  • Decrease conflict and reduce the likelihood of conflict overall with increased self and other awareness
  • Improvement in communication, both in your organization and externally with clients and vendors

Intended Audience:  All employees

Duration: 4-hour workshop or as a component of our 2-day Relate course.


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