Genos Emotional Intelligence Multi-Rater


When hiring or developing leaders, their ability to navigate high-demand working conditions and change in the workplace is a strong predictor of organizational performance. Furthermore, in any organization that is customer-facing, emotional intelligence is a high predictor of an employee’s resiliency and their ability to form relationships quickly. In order to become more emotionally intelligent in the workplace, we have to be aware of our emotions and learn how people are seeing our behavior. Then we can reflect on how to do more, do better or do different as a teammate and leader. 

A powerful way for leaders to get an accurate picture of their own effectiveness is direct feedback from their leader, peers, direct reports, and others in the organization. The Genos Emotional Intelligence Multi-Rater can be deployed alongside classroom training as well as one-on-one coaching and ensures feedback is actionable. Sent to a customizable list, the Genos Emotional Intelligence Multi-Rater measures the degree to which you are displaying emotionally intelligent behavior and provides tool sets for you to improve.


Participants will receive feedback on the degree to which they are: 

  • Present: How you show up and the impact on others
  • Empathetic: The ability to see from another’s perspective and ensure people are heard
  • Genuine: Alignment of thoughts, behaviors and emotions to build trust
  • Expansive: Decisions made with a balance of logic and emotion
  • Resilient: Effective response to stressful situations and the ability to adapt to change
  • Empowering: Create a more positive environment through problem solving skills 

Intended Audience:  Current leaders and high potential future leaders

Duration: Available as a stand-alone assessment with one-on-one coaching or embedded into a 1- or 2-day course, Connect.


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