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Sara Hannah

Sara Hannah

Managing Partner



Sara Hannah is the Managing Partner of Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and believes we can build a better world through business. As Managing Partner, Sara oversees the efforts to help client organizations understand the intersection between people, culture and a thriving business model.  Sara has a rare combination of listening to organizations to understand their current state while at the same time, knowing the next steps to building a high-performing team. Carrying out Chapman & Co.’s mission is personal to Sara; she’s working every day to ensure the world her two young boys will grow up to be a part of is better.

Prior to her role with Chapman & Co., Sara led an internal team to create the Barry-Wehmiller University where she created a pathway for leaders within the organization to grow and develop. Recently named as one of St. Louis’ Most Influential Business Women, Sara has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Washington University’s Olin School of Business.


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