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Earning loyalty has never been harder. Too often when companies first get serious about customer loyalty, they fall into a rational mindset that assumes that only effective way to drive customer commitment is to pay for it. But when loyalty is done right, customers are actually willing to pay more, not less. And their connection to your brand isn’t based solely on price or convenience. Instead, their loyalty is activated by the experience you create, the values you share, and the sense of community you build. That kind of bond is almost impossible for a competitor to disrupt.

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Recognizing your best customers aren’t just the people who buy the most from you, but brand advocates within your span of care, opens up a rich new world of possibilities for building a different type of relationship. A loyal relationship. Our customer experience practice specializes in the design of customer loyalty strategies, with a combined experience of more than 25 years creating and optimizing successful B2B and B2C loyalty programs, rewards programs, and communication plans that drive greater customer retention, growth, and advocacy.

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Customers are human beings first. For that reason, understanding why customers do what they do is just as important as tracking and predicting what they do. Our solutions are grounded in the understanding that humans are both emotional and rational and purchasing decisions involve a range of complex motivational drivers. Our customer experience practitioners leverage insights into human behavior in order to inform improved customer experiences.

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Most companies are engaged at some level in improving customer retention. Most also have initiatives aimed at increasing employee engagement. But few attempt to align and integrate these strategies. At Chapman & Co., we go there. Our customer experience expertise, combined with our reputation as a pioneer in leadership development and employee engagement, uniquely positions us to partner with your business to create a shared customer & employee culture, which will optimize outcomes for everyone in your brand ecosystem.


Customer Loyalty

The Human Drivers of Loyalty

We have developed a model based on established behavioral science principles and our own consulting experience that identifies the five core human drivers for loyalty. Function, Economic, Ego Expression, Social Identity, and Experiential. Each driver has its own unique characteristics, benefits, limitations, and strategic requirements.

Customer Growth

Customer Growth Begins with Customer Insight

Which segment of your customers has the most potential for growth? What areas of the customer experience are repeatedly hampering your ability to improve customer relationships? Find answers by giving customers a voice in the conversation with our Growth Survey.

Customer Retention

Customer Attrition Can Be Solved

According to a 2021 Chapman & Co. Market Survey, only 14% of consumers identify as truly loyal to the brands they interact with most. The majority of your customers are susceptible to competitive offers. In today’s market where customer attention is scarce and choice is abundant, what’s the answer? Let’s start by building a tailored loyalty strategy.

Customer Referral

Social Beings Require Social Solutions

Referrals can increase the number of high-quality customers a company acquires, strengthen the brand commitment of existing customers, and do it all at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. And it isn’t always about “how much” do you need to pay the person doing the referring – often gaining the social status of being the person “in the know” is enough of a reward.


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