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We’ve all worked for great leaders and toxic leaders. We know and experience the impact of inspiring and poor leadership on our own personal performance. In any organization, leadership – or lack thereof – significantly impacts both corporate culture and business outcomes. Yet when it comes to leadership training, many companies fall short of equipping leaders with the tangible skills to lead.

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They have to inspire and motivate their team members, but they also need to perform the technical tasks of their job which have not gone away with their new role of people leadership. And even though companies know this and provide the technical training they need to do their job well, leadership training is still often left to chance.

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When you ask someone what a great leader does, regardless of location, industry or generation, the answer is the same. Outstanding leaders effectively communicate, inspire, listen, build trust and navigate change while aligning their team members’ efforts to organizational goals. Each of these characteristics and leadership skills can be taught, practiced and replicated, allowing you to scale your leadership talent as your business grows.

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We teach leaders how to inspire performance and build inclusive teams. We help leaders increase their emotional intelligence and create better relationships by conducting assessments and providing coaching for customized leadership development. Whether they’re on your senior team or newly promoted, we provide the leadership training that inspires people to do their best work. Our curriculum will also scale to meet the size of your business with our train-the-trainer option.


Leadership Principles

Know How Your Leaders Show up Each Morning

Your values communicate how leaders in your organization are expected to behave. These leadership principles are sometimes articulated in a document or on a wall somewhere, but are not usually taught, rewarded, or recognized. Culture is the sum total of behaviors in any organization and leaders have a disproportionate influence on that culture. Ensuring that leaders embody your leadership traits is critical to building a company you can be proud of.

Leadership Assessment

Replace Perception with Reality

Whether or not what you believe to be true about yourself is also seen by others is crucial for personal growth and awareness. We deploy organizational and individual leadership assessment tools to identify leadership strengths and provide actionable feedback.

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Leadership Development

Approach Leadership Development Holistically

Your leaders need more than books, TED talks, and podcasts. While mentorship programs can be impactful, they rely on already developed great leaders who can provide leadership coaching, not just give advice. From assessing the current state of your organization and your leaders to providing off the shelf and customized leadership training to delivering the sustainment to keep leadership skills top of mind, we can help you establish a disciplined approach to intentionally develop your leaders.

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