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When you care about your people, they care about your business. Divider

The benefits of a strong organizational culture are numerous: improved financial performance, great customer service, engaged employees, more effective teams, higher employee retention, and increased innovation. These results that drive cultural change are all created  by a fulfilled workforce. And fulfilled employees turn a corporate culture where people are afraid to ask questions, take chances, or ask for help into one with improved communication and better relationships. The Fortune 100 Best Places to Work proves this — those on the list outperform the S&P 500 by 59.39%.

Whether intentional or not, every organization has a culture. Divider

There are many opinions about what corporate culture means. Whatever the definition, most agree that company culture has the power to impact every facet of an organization. And yet, too much of how organizational culture develops is left to chance and circumstance. Often it’s not until a culture affects a business’s ability to get the work done or has become toxic that a company realizes why a focus on culture is important.

How people treat each other is your culture. Divider

Ping pong tables and happy hours are fun but for long term change to occur, companies must go deeper than surface-level tactics.  Cultural change comes by focusing on the behaviors of people. If you add up all the negative behaviors – the blame-throwing, the recreational complaining, and the workplace conflict – in your organization, that’s your culture.  If you work on and add up all the positive behaviors – the listening, the recognition and celebration, the collaboration and innovation – that can be your company culture instead. And one to be proud of.

The first step is knowing where to start. Divider

This begins with understanding where to devote your resources. We work with you to turn your gut feeling into data using our proprietary Organizational Culture Survey. Based on the results, we build a customized approach.  Whether it’s training your leaders, crafting a strategic plan, developing high-performing teams, or instilling a more inclusive environment, we build the company culture you want to work in.


team dynamics

Develop Strong Teams

Improving team dynamics in the workplace creates an environment that encourages people to fail fast and learn faster, improve communication, and speak up when they need help – even those who are less expressive in voicing their opinions.

Team Building

Discover the Power of Being Purposeful

According to Google’s Project Aristotle, “Teams are highly interdependent – they plan work, solve problems, make decisions, and review progress in service of a specific project. Team members need one another to get work done.” We help companies with corporate team-building skills that lead to higher performance, better culture, and more innovation.

Culture Survey

Gain Meaningful Insight into Your Corporate Culture

No one would think to send a family member a survey to see how to be a better partner, parent, or sibling. And yet employee culture surveys are often used as the only way to measure the relationships organizations have with their workers. Our process helps to understand the current state of your company culture from the people who create and live it every day. It might begin with a cultural assessment tool, but we take it much further.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Embrace the Differences that Create Diversity

According to the Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM), “having a diverse workforce doesn’t automatically translate into an inclusive culture. Rather it’s something that needs to be built intentionally.” Put simply, once a year diversity training isn’t enough. If you want diversity and inclusion in the workplace, change must occur in people’s hearts and minds.

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The Common Factor of All High-Performing Teams

Building Trust

None of us have the power to “behave” trust. Instead, building trust in the workplace begins by performing behaviors that show it. At the intersection between competency and care lies resilient trust. Trust that leads to innovation, that sees you through the tough times, and that all high-performing teams have in common.


Every organization has a culture. Build yours with intention.

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