Benchmarking Tour


It’s relatively easy to talk about the power of caring for your team; it’s a lot harder to actualize. What if it was possible to see it action? As we look for ways to map your own journey forward, we invite you to visit one of our Barry-Wehmiller facilities.

Our Benchmarking Tour is a combination of office and plant tours, dialogues with Barry-Wehmiller team members, and hands-on learning experiences. It’s designed to provide you with ideas to take back to your own organization and implement immediately. It’s also an opportunity to get a benchmark for your own initiatives, so you can learn where to start.

We’re not perfect. No organization is. But we can show you what our people-centric approach really means in a $3 billion business with over 100 acquisitions (and counting). We’ve learned how it becomes the driver behind developing a culture of continuous improvement. But by the end of the tour, we’ll be able to turn your questions and ideas about people, culture, and improvement from theory into reality. At the end of the tour, you will not only be able to see potential but also make it happen.


Available Locations:

  • Phillips, Wisconsin
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Chicago-Area, Illinois
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Cape Town, South Africa
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