Truly Human Leadership with CEO Bob Chapman


Recently named the #3 CEO in the world by Inc. magazine, Bob Chapman is intentional about using his platform as a business leader to inspire. His vision is a world in which people leave work every day fulfilled by their work, rather than drained by it. As Chairman and CEO of $3 billion capital equipment and engineering solutions firm Barry-Wehmiller, a combination of 100+ acquisitions around the world, Chapman has championed meaningful, caring work environments through Truly Human Leadership. His leadership philosophy and the transformation it has ignited at Barry-Wehmiller were the inspiration behind his Wall Street Journal bestseller Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family

Bob Chapman will challenge traditional thinking on how to run a business and build effective leadership skills. He’ll offer simple yet groundbreaking ideas on creating meaningful work environments and corporate cultures grounded in people-centric leadership. 

Participants will:

  • Feel inspired with the full potential of business and its power to impact people’s lives
  • Understand how the simple power of listening can transform an organization
  • Learn the lessons from Barry-Wehmiller and building culture around the world 
  • Be challenged on your personal leadership responsibility for those in your span of care
  • Leave eager to bring Truly Human Leadership back to your organization 

Intended Audience:  Applicable to all employees but especially leadership

Duration:  Keynote between 20-60 minutes


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